Just one (of many) reasons to marry an artist.

Kayden’s school requested that we create a Spring hat for the first ‘official’ day of Spring (1st of September). The owner of the most creative hat would be given a prize.

There’s nothing like a bit of competition between parents. Seriously. Some people go nuts.

When I read the request in his message book, I quickly did a mental check of things we could use in the house and came up with a grand total of zero. When chatting to Kayden about it in the car after picking him up from school, my ideas included sewing leaves together in a hat-like shape (Kayden was the voice of reason in this case and kept on asking ‘But how?’) and….nope, that’s about it actually.

However, my genius boyfriend (uuurgh, there’s that shitty word again) saved us. I don’t think I have mentioned this before but he is a brilliant artist. He works wonders with just a black pen and a piece of paper.

It was late – Sunday evening was approaching and I still hadn’t done a single thing about the Spring hat. I eventually asked Nathan whether he had a spare peak cap that I could stick the word ‘Spring’ on and have Kayden colour it in, along with drawing a few flowers. Not exactly a ‘most creative hat’ contender. My version of a flower is a small circle and long, uneven oval shaped lines around it. I usually get about five ‘petals’ round there. Impressive, right? Nathan’s version could come out of one of those books titled ‘How to Draw Flowers So You Actually Seem Like You Cared About Your Son’s School Project’ (it’s still being edited, I imagine).

Nathan drew three pages of beautiful different flowers and we sat on the bed with a page each to colour in. He then cut them out and wound them round the peak cap to make a pretty awesome looking Spring hat. Kayden was thrilled, and I was super impressed. Yet another reason why I love this man. It was also a pretty cool ‘family moment’ as well.

We’re not married yet (I’m just imagining our respective family members calling us in a panic, wondering why they weren’t invited to the ceremony), but with Nathan around, future school projects (of which there will be many!) will be a breeze. Yay!

If you freak out at the thought of doing school projects, and you don’t have a creative bone in your body, just pick up an artist and you’re sorted! Various pick-up lines come to mind:

Will you paint me like one of your french girls?
Ideally they should have at least painted one french girl before.
I’ll be the canvas, you be the brush.
Accompanied by seductive gaze – let me know if you get that right though as I think I look a bit ‘special’ when trying to be seductive.
Let me be your muse.
This would probably work better if you had a twinkle in your eye and long, flowing hair that moves in the air even if there isn’t a breath of wind.
I just bought the most amazing set of pencils. Come and see them. At my house. With no clothes on.
A sure winner right there.
Hey stranger, you can sharpen your pencil in me anytime.
Bonus points if you’re holding a pencil and a sharpener.

Shockingly enough, I didn’t ‘pick up’ my boyfriend with any of the above. In fact, we met in High School and I went to his Matric dance. It’s a cute story actually. Perhaps I will write about it one day.



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