Surprisingly, my son doesn’t always do as he is told.

The title of this post is sarcastic, by the way. If I expected my 6 year old son to do as he was told all the time, I would hope the people who know me would give me a swift kick up the ass.

So, what actually eventually convinced me to start a blog was the idea that Kayden would be a big part of it insofar as he would provide all the artwork/images. I thought it was a great idea, and I had dreams of us growing up together – me a famous writer and Kayden a famous artist – working side by side and occasionally saying things like ‘Honey, could you draw me something nice that could go with (shoves laptop in face to show latest blog post or bestselling novel) this?’

I wasn’t expecting Kayden to want to draw all the time, and I certainly didn’t want to force it so that it became a chore as opposed to something he enjoyed doing…but lately his subject matter is limited to dinosaurs, superheroes and ninjas. I am so sick of dinosaurs right now. I no longer have the slightest capability to even feign interest in them. Fuck you, dinosaurs.

I therefore need to change tack a bit. Instead of asking him to draw something specific for a post, I am going to let him draw whatever he likes, and try to somehow fit it into what I am writing. You see, he really loves the idea of having his pics on ‘the internet’ and I just can’t say no. So that’s the idea.

It could be weird. In fact, it will be weird. I could be writing about going to the beach or something…and then a GIANT velociraptor fell from the sky and proceeded to EAT that poor man with the leopard-print speedo before joining his friends from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles around a bonfire so they could sing Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ together.

That would never happen of course; men don’t wear speedos anymore, right?


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