I started this page dozens of times but ended up deleting what I wrote. Story of my life (thus far). First, I started with ‘I have been wanting to write a blog for the longest time’. Then, ‘Hi, I’m Laura’…and various other things.

If I continue this pattern I will end up spending hours looking at a blank page, and will eventually give up, talking myself out of writing a blog (again) and telling myself that everything I write is ridiculous. I have issues.

So hi. I’m Laura. Writing is actually part of my job, which may be quite surprising. However, it’s much easier to write when I am not writing about myself. I live in Cape Town with my boyfriend (that’s a horrible word, don’t you think?), my 6 year old son and two cats (well, one now. Sebastian has left us for our next door neighbours. The little shit.) I do Irish Dancing (think Riverdance, but without me flapping my arms around, and I certainly don’t look as good as Jean Butler in a dress) and I have dreams of living in a cabin in a forest with a dance studio, a pizza oven, various animals and a strong internet connection. A bakery and a pottery studio would be nice too.

I can’t draw to save my life but I want to include unique images with my posts, so I have decided to get my son involved, also in the hopes that it will become a nice little ‘project’.  Kayden likes the idea of his drawings ‘going on the internet’ and I think they are lovely. I can’t promise they will always be related to what I am writing about, but we will see how it goes. Kayden also influenced the name of the blog, even.

You’ll most likely see posts about lists (surprised?), being a mother, observations, depression, things I find funny..and anything else I may come up with.

I swear like a trooper.



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