This is a tiger.

TigerI challenge anyone to look at this picture and not feel at least a little happier (or happy, in the case where prior to looking at this you were not happy at all). I cannot lay claim to this piece of art – it is the work of my son, Kayden.

I don’t know what it is about children’s drawings; if I had indeed drawn this and shown it to someone, the response would probably be something like ‘oh, um…that’s…nice‘ (while unsuccessfully hiding the hint of ‘whatthefuck’). But if a child shows this to someone, responses range from a bit of clapping and a slightly high pitched ‘that’s lovely!’ to the overzealous ‘oh daaarling that’s beautiful! You are soooo clever!’ while he/she makes gestures that would make any spectators wonder if they are having an epileptic fit. I think we all have one of those in the family…

But seriously, if we all showed the same enthusiasm to adults who accomplished something, like we do with children, I think the world would be full of much happier, self-confident human beings. At least, I would be. With that said though, I do think this is an awesome picture, regardless of who it was drawn by.


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