Deciding on a blog name.

Deciding on a blog name is stressful, and I want to share how I eventually went with ‘The List, even.’ I wanted it to be personal, and because Kayden is a big part of the blog, it had to include a bit of him in it as well. This is what I wrote when thinking of a name:

The Something and the Something. Don’t know what the somethings are.
Play on a well known movie/book/quote but tweaked – Oh the places you’ll go
Or something personal, something I say a lot, or he does.

What does Kayden say a lot?

Frosty was caught picking his nose
What happens if…
Can I tell you something?
Can I whisper something in your ear?
Look at what I drew/did 

What do I say a lot?

It’s quite telling that that the only thing I could think of that I say a lot, is ‘balls’. When something goes wrong, I say ‘Oh balls’, or when I hear something surprising, I say ‘Balls!’. So many ways to say it, so many situations in which to say it. I really need to work on that.

Anyway, some of this took place over a Whatsapp conversation with my boyfriend. He suggested that one of my first posts should be about coming up with the name of the blog. So here it is, honey.

I am a fan of lists. Without lists, I would not be able to work, or go shopping, or do anything really. Even if I don’t write it down, I still list, for example, the things I need to do in the next hour in my head. I find that it helps a lot. So after fooling around with some alliteration (at the time, the best I could come up with was ‘Laura Loves the Loo.’) I combined my love of lists with something that Kayden says a lot, and there we are…The List, even.

I am certainly not an expert on this, but what helped me finally decide on a name was to tell myself that this blog is for me, not for anyone else. It may not make sense to anyone, but it makes sense to me and I am happy with that.

UPDATE: After living with ‘The List, Even’ for a bit, it no longer felt right, hence the name change to ‘The List Is Endless’.


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